Used Vehicles London

Whether you are looking for used cars London Ontario or used trucks London Ontario or a used SUV London Ontario, we have the used vehicles that you are looking for. Our inventory is extremely large for the London Ontario region because we buy all our cars in the US and bring them here for you to benefit from the extremely low US prices.

When we buy a car in the US, we make sure that it is a late model car. This way most of our used vehicles London are late model cars London Ontario. You benefit more from purchasing late model cars because the savings is greater than older models.

Most used cars London from other dealers are priced based on the depreciation from the price they originally paid when it was new out of the London Ontario based dealership. This price model is not beneficial to you when compared to the used car market in the US. If you were to do a search now for used pickup trucks for sale in any given city in the US, then do the same search in London Ontario, you will find that the prices are much higher in London Ontario. Just to be sure, try something like "used Cadillac London Ontario" and compare the results with an American city.

The question is can I buy a car in the US? The answer is "yes" but when you take into account all the brokerage fees and all the logistics, duty and other complications for one used vehicle, you will probably find that the savings are marginal and not worth the extra work. That's why we already did this for you. We regularly purchase hundreds of used vehicles at a time thereby distributing all these costs across hundreds of used vehicles making the extra savings for you VERY significant and you do not have to spend ANY time on all those complicated inter-country purchases.